Top Five Tips for Avoiding Dodgy Removalists in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country. But just like any place in the world, there are times when you will have to deal with people who have nothing better to do with their lives. Like dodgy removalists, for example.

No matter how many times you assure yourself that scams won’t victimize you, there is still a possibility that it will happen to you. This is why it is important to know the tell-tale signs of a dodgy, tricky, and shady removalist. What can happen if you become a victim of one? Well, the most common scenario is homeowners losing all their belongings. If you do want this to happen to you, here are five tips that you should keep in mind when looking for a removalist in Australia:

1. Once you find some removalists, asked for a written quote from each one of them.

If a company is reputable, professional, and trustworthy, it will not hesitate to give out an estimate or written quote of its moving services. Do not settle for a mere “phone” as this can be a symbol of something shady going on.

2. Check out online reviews of the removalists in your list.

If a removalist has a negative review, you won’t choose it. However, scammers are also capable of writing reviews, and some removalists may even assign one to do this for them. So it would be more practical and safer if you look for reviews from outside sources. Maybe you can search for reviews by bloggers or industry leaders? Additionally, you can do online research for scams that the company may have been previously involved in.

3. Ask for proof and verify if a removals company has a business license and all other legal requirements.


It is important to know whether a removals company has all the legal requirements necessary for them to carry out their activities. A business license is the number one requirement, but there are others that you should ask for, too. In addition to this, it will also help if you can ask and verify whether the company is registered with any business association or organization. Removals companies that are insured can be good choices.

4. Do not pay the removals company if they will not issue a document or a receipt.

If a removals company asks you for advance payment without providing any document and without assurance of a receipt, do not give them money. Not even a single cent. Some companies ask their clients to affix signatures on blank documents, and after the clients hand out the payment, the company mysteriously disappears. Always ask for legal proof and documents before handing out any amount.

5. Take note of these common.

You can protect yourself from dodgy removal companies if you are familiar with the most common moving practices these scammers often do. Here are some examples:

-Thievery: As soon as they load your things, the movers leave to bring your items to the drop-off location supposedly. What happens, though, is that they do not intend to deliver your things as requested. Instead, they steal everything. These online thieves often use fake documents to process a transaction.

-Stealing and Asking Money: These unprofessional movers will steal your things and then ask you to pay them before they give you back your possessions. They don’t sell the items to pawnbrokers because they know personal items don’t pay a lot.

-No Quote: If you don’t request a quote, you’ll fall victim to a removals company that insists their van or truck is too small for all your things to fit in. So they ask for extra charges. Another version is that they load only one-half of your possessions and then go back for the second half because the van or truck is too small. Then they will charge you for extra fees.

-Last Minute Charges: This is the most common scam type. Here, the removals company calls you a day or two before the scheduled pick-up and they inform you that you will need to pay extra charges for them to complete the job. Their reason is almost always that the work is too heavy or difficult for them. Of course, booking another removals company is out of the question because you’ll either have a difficult time finding one at short notice or you’ll pay double the price because of the late booking. So your only option is to pay the “last minute extra charges.”

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